About De Bolk


De Bolk, the name of the building, is the name we go by, even though our official name is D.S.V. Nieuwe Delft. Around 1960 there was a large influx of new students in Delft calling for the establishment of more associations, that’s when “Nieuwe Delft” was called into existence. It was started by former members of DSC and therefore a lot more like the old idea of a fraternity. Nowadays the only remains are a sample of traditions; We quit hazing our first years a long time ago. Our association changes along with our members, of whom we have about 150.


Throughout the year our members organise many activities, whether they are part of a specific committee or not. For example: BBQ, Gotcha (a special game of tag we play for the first couple of months), Christmas dinner, Winter sports, many themed parties and drinks, members weekend (going camping with all members), LAN party, movie marathon, Cooking competition, BlikBierBorrel, Archery Tag and painting with Bob Ross. We hope to be able to assist all our members with whatever they would like to organise.

Our members

We have a large variety in members. They play D&D, listen to Russian Bass, paint, drink beer, don’t drink beer, play games, sail, like woodworking, make cocktails, study hard and are part of committees.

Special mentions

One of the great things of De Bolk is that our members do a great many things on their own. We have an open-for-all meal cooked by our very own members every Monday through Thursday which you can join by enrolling via http://noms.debolk.nl. Next to that there is a committee that creates large batches of grilled cheese sandwiches throughout the year. They vary in recipe (of their own creation) and are available as a snack at the bar.


Many of our members are active at another association called “Vereniging Vrienden van Trui”. They own a botter which they do the upkeep for and sail on throughout the year. For more information: bu130.nl

Application process

Becoming a member at De Bolk is possible every day, even on sun- and holidays. Most new members apply during the OWee in August. This has benefits: you can immediately join our own introduction period(KMT, kennismakings tijd), a relaxing week of sailing on the IJsselmeer, and meet the other new members. You can always become a member at other times, though it’s possible it takes longer to search for an application form.

To become a member visit owee.debolk.nl and fill in the interest form.

Language and inclusion

At De Bolk we are open to international applicants. We do want to stress we expect you to try and learn Dutch. Generally we converse in Dutch but we want to have an inclusive attitude to all members. As we currently have but a handful international members we are communicating only a few most important bits of information in English. This would include, but is not limited to, information about applying to become a member and decisions made during general members meetings, where we do speak Dutch. We are open to any ideas for improvement, and if you’re ever around, don’t hesitate to speak up.